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Recent Articles

Powerball ticket price to increase to $3 in Idaho

The Idaho Lottery announced on Wednesday that it will be raising the Powerball ticket price to $3 per play beginning this August, by mandating that every ticket sold will include the Power Play multiplier option. Powerball, Changing Game, Idaho, Multiplier, Power Play, Multi-State Game

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New York Lottery changes Take 5 game to twice-daily drawings

The New York Lottery added a second daily drawing to its popular Take 5 draw game, with the change effective starting next week. New York, Changing Game, Pick 5

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Texas Lottery to add third weekly Lotto Texas drawing

Texas Lottery players will get an additional chance to hit the Lotto Texas jackpot with a new weekly drawing to be added this August. Texas, Changing Game, Announcement

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NC woman wins $2 million from lottery ticket gifted by friend

Small gestures may go a long way, but receiving a scratch-off lottery ticket worth $2 million is one that a North Carolina woman will certainly never forget. Winner Stories, Scratch Games, North Carolina

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Massachusetts store clerk steals player's winning scratch-off ticket worth $1,000

A Massachusetts player reached out to the Massachusetts Lottery for help after allegedly being swindled of half her prize on a winning scratch-off ticket by a store clerk. Winner Stories, Massachusetts, Scratch Games, Retailer, Theft, Crime

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Uber Eats driver wins $250,000 between food deliveries

A food delivery driver was sitting in her car between orders when she found out she hit the $250,000 top prize on a scratch-off lottery ticket from the Maryland Lottery. Winner Stories, Maryland, Scratch Games

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Veteran who suffered brain injury wants to make world a better place with $65 million lottery win

A veteran from the Canadian military who won a huge $65 million (US$51.6 million) Lotto Max jackpot was inspired by his past experiences to make the world better place with his newfound wealth. Winner Stories, Jackpots, Ontario, Canada, Charity, Canada Lotto Max, Multi-Province Game

Lottery Post News
Florida man finds winning $1 million Powerball ticket while cleaning his house

One lucky Florida man is giving lottery players across the country a huge reason to clean up their home when he found a winning Powerball ticket worth $1 million for a drawing that occurred months ago. Powerball, Florida, Winner Stories, Multi-State Game

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