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North Carolina Pick 3 players win $4.3 million on 5-5-5

Thousands of North Carolina Lottery players across the state were no doubt celebrating when the combination 5-5-5 was drawn in Pick 3 on Tuesday evening. Winning Ticket Announcement, North Carolina, Pick 3

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Florida man plans to buy toothbrush with $1 million lottery prize

What would you do with a million dollars? One Florida man, who won a $1 million prize from a Florida Lottery scratch-off ticket, is eager to put those winnings to practical use. Florida, Winner Stories, Scratch Games

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French ticket holder wins record €220 million EuroMillions lottery jackpot

Someone in France is going to experience some life-altering changes to their finances after scooping up the €220 million (US$256 million) EuroMillions jackpot on Friday, which holds the record for the game's largest prize in its history. Jackpots, Winning Ticket Announcement, Euro Millions, Record, France, Multi-Country Game

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South Carolina dog lover wins $30,000 on pup-themed lottery scratch-off

A South Carolina woman knew she had to scoop up a dog-themed scratch-off ticket when she saw the new holiday game for sale in the store, and now that she's $30,000 richer, she's glad she listened to her gut. Winner Stories, South Carolina, Scratch Games

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Canadian man has selfless plans for $2 million Ontario 49 lottery prize

It's not uncommon for newly minted lottery winners to put their prize money toward home improvements, a home, or simply investing it, but one Canadian man just wants to put a smile on his loved one's faces. Winner Stories, Jackpots, Ontario

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Man wins nearly $200,000 with lottery ticket he forgot he bought

A North Carolina mechanic won almost $200,000 on a lottery ticket he forgot he purchased. Winner Stories, Jackpots, North Carolina, Pick 5

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Pennsylvania great-great-grandmother nets $1.2 million Cash 5 jackpot

A great-great-grandmother has big plans for her yard after winning a $1.2 million Cash 5 jackpot in the Pennsylvania Lottery. Winner Stories, Pennsylvania, Jackpots, Pick 5

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Texas Lottery drawings supervisor receives top industry award

The Texas Lottery announced Thursday that its drawings supervisor, who helped lead her team to design the first "in-house" draw studio, was presented with a top industry award for her significant contributions to the lottery through her exceptional job performance. Texas, Administration, Announcement, Headquarters, Award, Operations, Drawing

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