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South Carolina woman "wasn't feeling lucky," wins $2 million

A South Carolina woman was not having a great day, but her luck instantly changed when she won a $2 million top prize from a scratch-off. Winner Stories, South Carolina, Scratch Games, Anonymous

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Lottery winner found dead in Michigan river

The body of a Michigan lottery winner was discovered by Midland police floating in a river over the weekend. Winner Stories, Michigan, Death

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Oregon looking for new incentives after vaccine lottery fails to increase vaccination rates

The State of Oregon is looking for new ways to motivate residents to get a COVID-19 vaccine after vaccination rates went the wrong direction following the announcement of the state's $1 million vaccine lottery. Insider Buzz, Ohio, Oregon, Medical

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Local retailers worry about future of UK National Lottery in stores

Lottery retailers in the United Kingdom are expressing concerns about the future of the lottery in brick-and-mortar stores now that the contract for operating the lottery is up for grabs. UK National Lottery, Vendors, Retailer, Technology, Contract, General Interest, Online Ticket Sales, Camelot Group

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Michigan man wins $1 million in lottery, drives off with gas pump still attached

A Michigan player was so excited when he found out he won $1 million from a scratch-off lottery ticket that he drove away from the gas station with the gas hose still attached to his car. Winner Stories, Michigan, Scratch Games

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SC woman's road trip to NC lands her $1 million lottery prize

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NC woman misses Powerball drawing, wins $2 million in the next one

It's a common fear among lottery players that your numbers would be picked in a drawing you did not enter, but one North Carolina woman could not have had better timing after missing a Powerball drawing and winning a $2 million prize in the next one. Powerball, Winner Stories, North Carolina, Multi-State Game

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Psychic predicts Australian woman's $9.7 million lottery win

An Australian mother is millions of dollars richer after a psychic told her mother that someone in her family would win a life-changing prize this year. Winner Stories, International, Jackpots, Australia, Mystical

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